• Pensive in Pink, Italian made silk scarf

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    Pensive painting from Fresh Faces series printed and hand-finished in Italy. Blush pink rolled hem. 100% Silk Twill. 

    Available sizes include the Classic, the Itty Biddy, and the Show. 

    Classic: 90cm x 90cm [35in x 35in]

    Itty Biddy: 45cm x 45cm [17.5in x 17.5in]

    Show: 140cm x 140cm [55in x 55in]

    Product Care

    Dry clean or hand-wash with woolite. Lay flat on fluffy towel to dry. Handle delicately and do not "wring" silk. No softeners, please!

    Return & Refund Policy

    All scarves go through multiple rounds of quality control in both Italy and the States. Sales are final, but if you encounter an issue with your product, please reach out to us by e-mail immediately so we can work to find a resolve!